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ATG prides itself on educating the whole person, achieving high standards not only in the classroom, but in the community, the Green Industry, and most importantly, our brotherhood.  Team building, fraternal  bonding, social activities, and high academic standards are pillars of our brotherhood. 

One of our greatest strengths here at ATG is its diverse membership.   Each brother may come from a different background or have a different personality, but we all share the same desire to study and succeed in the agriculture  industry.  ATG has a large alumni community with lots of networking possibilities. Finding a past brother of ATG is not that difficult, look in any major golf course, tree company, landscaping crew or farm and you will most likely stumble across one of us. 

Alpha Tau Gamma's Chapter house located at 118 Sunset Ave, Amherst MA

Watch the the Video of our house!

2017 ATG Trending House Video

 If you like trees if you like plants if you like animals, and you're passionate about the earth and finding a way to make a difference and change the world.  You know it all starts at Stockbridge.  I was able to have my own company and make a great living and  Stockbridge was a huge turning point.  It's been the foundation of everything I have done since.  

Adrian Bradley '08


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