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Giving to Alpha Tau Gamma, means that you are providing an opportunity to shape the lives of our future brothers, and provide them with opportunities and resources to make a lasting impact at Umass.

There are many different ways that a gift can be given, each providing valuable benefits to not only ATG, but to the donor as well. Here are some of the ways you can give to ATG:


Make an immediate impact!  Through our online giving process, you have the ability to choose a fund means the most to you!  Donate Now


141 North Pleasant Street
P.O Box 165 Amherst MA, 01004-165


Appreciated securities can be given to ATG. They can offer income tax deduction benefits as well as savings on capital gains.  To transfer a gift of stock, please provide your broker with the following information:

Matching Gifts

You can double or even triple your gift!

Many employers sponsor programs that match charitable contributions made by employees. Check with your employer before you make your donation to see if they have a matching gift program.

Planned Gifts

A gift associated with a will and the final distribution of an estate, offer donors and the ATG a significant opportunity. By leaving part, or all of an estate to the ATG, the donor has numerous opportunities to see his wishes established and carried out.

Retirement Plan Assets

A qualified retirement plan is an ideal way to accumulate wealth and a secure future. The donor can make ATG the beneficiary of all, or part of a qualified retirement plan.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance policies are an ideal way to remember ATG in an estate. Whole life or term life insurance policies, can name the ATG as the beneficiary. A paid up whole life insurance policy that names the ATG as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary, is a true living legacy for the donor of ATG

* Gifts to the  ATG are tax-deductible.


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