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Member benefits


Networking should be an integral part of the college experience and ATG provides the interaction of brothers and alumni with similar interests to develop professional and social relationships.  ATG helps build networks that prove beneficial to members when looking for internships, employment, recommendations, or employees.

Serving the Community

The Active Chapter and Alumni work together to cultivate a culture of service to our community.  Involvement in philanthropic activities varies from one year to the next but provides a rewarding experience to our members.  Some of our past projects:

    • Town of Amherst - Built a playground
    • Frank Hart Memorial Garden - Planted and maintained the garden
    • Wounded Warrior - Landscaped a veterans house
    • James Underwood Crockett Garden - Moved & renovated the garden
    • Clear Path for Veterans -  Planted 25 arborvitaes and built a dog training fence

Leadership and Skills

ATG provides many opportunities for leadership.  The active chapter elects their officers and holds weekly meetings.   They are also responsible for maintaining the house, the yard, and scheduling social events.  Membership helps young men cultivate leadership skills, gain a sense of social identity, and learn to play well with others.  Even the brightest 18-year-olds arrive on campus with much to learn. Joining ATG can help. Participation in the traditions, collaborative activities, and organizational structure can create valuable opportunities to contribute, coordinate and lead, which are all valuable skills for eventual participation in the workforce.  ATG not only offers the context to develop these skills but, just as importantly, can often verify claims to those skills as you work toward future internships and job opportunities. Employers like seeing documented leadership experience. ATG can provide that.


When it comes down to it, this is one of the strongest arguments in favor of joining ATG.  The property provides a place for outdoor socials, 4 on 4 football, a firepit to socialize, plenty of garden space and sometimes even a hen house.  If you join, the opportunities for fun are nearly infinite. You are at once surrounded at all times by friends and engaged at all times in events, activities, and parties.  If you’re thinking of joining make sure you share your concept of a good time.

Scholarships & Awards

  1. The Donald Proudy/Good Brother Award
  2. Gifted Stock Awards
  3. Pop Barrett Award
  4. The Stockbridge Fund
  5. James Edward Mulcahy ATG Fund


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